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A court ordered same-sex couples can inherit each other's assets, Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) reported.

The court ruled Minnesota's Defense Marriage Act or DOMA does on prohibit same-sex couples receiving "benefits of marriage," Star Tribune reported.

In 2008, James Morrison and Thomas Propel married in California after being in a committed relationship for nearly 25 years. Proehl died last year due to heart attack without a will, MPR reported.

" What I found was a great deal of sympathy and empathy, but the law just wouldn't allow them to resolve our estate without having to go to court," said Morrison, MPR reported.

Under DOMA, Proehl's parents will inherit their son's $ 250,000 million assets. But, they want Morrison of Minneapolis to inherit the assets. Morrison will inherit his partner's assets, Star Tribune reported.

"The marriage amendment doesn't change any rights or benefits same-sex couples currently have," said Autumn Leva, a spokeswoman for Minnesota for Marriage, Star Tribune reported.

Supervalu lays off more workers

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Supervalu Inc. will lay off 85 IT workers in the country, including 50 workers in Eden Prairie, Minneapolis / St.Paul Business Journal reported.

The supermarket has been struggling has fired its CEO Craig Herkert and laid off dozens of employees in the past 18 months, Star Tribune reported.

Jeff Swanson, a spokesman for Supervalu, said the company reorganizing IT workers to be generalist than specialist. The company will hire highly skilled workers for few positions, Star Tribune reported.

The company said it was exploring options to sell all or part of the company. The unions are anxiously waiting for the next move by the company, including United Food & Commercial Workers that has been representing 84,000 of the company's 130,000 employees, Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal reported .

Crackdown on synthetic drugs in Duluth

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Federal and local law enforcement officers raided a head shop Wednesday, the Minnesota Public Radio reported.

Duluth police said they have 2.8 million was seized from Jim Carlson's bank account, the store owner. They also seized two vehicles after a search warrant executed Wednesday at Last Place On Earth, Duluth Tribune News reported.

The police took 16 boxes of suspected synthetic marijuana in more than 20, 000 packages. The shop was raided back in September and $83,510 thousand in cash and 28 guns were seized, Duluth News Tribune reported.

The raid was part of the Drug Enforcement Administration to ban or control synthetic drugs.
The DEA seized more than $36 million in cash and arrested 91 people in the country, Duluth News Tribune reported.

The state lawmakers made the sale of drugs a felony on Thursday. President Obama signed a bill that bans sale of synthetic drugs, MPR reported.

Selling synthetic drugs felony in MN

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The lawmakers have passed a bill Thursday that will make the sales of drugs a felony, Associate Press reported.

The bill signed by Gov. Mark Dayton will take effect on August 1, WCCO reported.

"Today sends a clear message that these substances are not safe and that with this new law in effect they are not legal in Minnesota," Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek said, Associate Press reported.

Two of 20 deaths due to synthetic drugs have occurred in Minnesota, WCCO reported.

Carol Falkowski, a drug abuse expert, said the bill is "in the right direction," but "very rigorous online sales of these things and that's really the wild card in all of this," WCCO reported.

The bill also allow the state Pharmacy Board to make new rules to fight against the formula changes by drug dealers to avoid existing laws, Associated Press reported.

Bacuman says Ellison connected to the Brotherhood

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Rep. Michele Bachmann said on Thursday that Rep. Keith Ellison has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, St. Cloud Times reported.

Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, "has a long record of being associated... with the Muslim Brotherhood," said Bachmann, in an interview with Glen Beck, Minnesota Public Radio reported.

"I don't have any Muslim Brotherhood connections as she's talking about," said Ellison to CNN, MPR reported.

Bachmann and four other members of the Congress said that there are ties between the federal officials and the Muslim Brotherhood.They accused Huma Abedin, a deputy chief of staff to the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, of having ties with the Brotherhood, St. Cloud Times reported.

"I think accusations like this being thrown around are pretty dangerous," said the House Speaker John Boehner, MPR reported.

Blue Cross searches for a new CEO

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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota said its president and CEO was forced out of his job on Thursday, Star Tribune reported.

The board, for the nonprofit healthcare provider, said Kenneth Burdick's lack of disclosure was "not in alignment with Blue Cross policies and management expectations," Star Tribune reported.

The board of trustees "became aware of concerns related to whether there had been adequate disclosure of some anticipated business activities and immediately initiated a Board review and internal investigation of the matter," in a statement, Pioneer Press reported.

The internal investigation didn't find any "financial impropriety or unlawful actions, " the company said. It said, "The lack of disclosure was not in alignment with Blue Cross policies and management expectations," Pioneer Press reported.

"But we thought that the leadership team should have been more in tune to the possibility of the conflict," said Vance Opperman, Blue Cross' board chairman, in an interview, Pioneer Press reported.

Star Tribune reported Scott Lynch, chief legal officer, was appointed as interim CEO.

Blue Cross will find a new CEO in 60 to 90 days, Pioneer Press reported.

Man arrested after threatening to blow up motel

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Minneapolis police arrested a man who said he will blow up a motel on Sunday, police said. A man locked hiself in the room and called 911, Pioneer Press reported.

No explosives were found at the Aqua City Motel at 5739 Lyndale Av. S., a police spokemen Sgt. William Palmer, said, Star tribune reported.

Pioneer Press reported Palmer said "This is a mental health issue," in a Twitter post. He said the man could face criminal charges.

Some people were evacuated from the area. The man turned himself, after negotiating with the police for an hour by phone, Star Tribune reported.

He was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, Palmer said, Pioneer Press reported.

Regents allow Alcohol sales at TCF stadium

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The University of Minnesota will allow beer, wine sales in selected areas at the TCF Bank Stadium on Wednesday, The Minnesota Daily reported.

The U's Board of Regents approved a resolution that will allow "beer or beer and wine sales" in the premium section and in a single "beer garden" during Gopher games. The Regents voted 11-1 to allow beer, wine sales in the stadium, Star Tribune reported.

Star Tribune reported the approval came after the state Legislature legalized alcohol sales at the stadium during college sports events. This will allow beer to be sold to fans in general seating and the beverages must be sold at confined area. Fans will be able to bring beers to games.

"I think it's worth a try as we move forward, but it's an experiment and it's caused some consternation to at least one board member," Regent Dean Johnson, The Minnesota Daily reported.

The alcoholic beverages will be sold at designated areas at TCF Bank Stadium, Williams Arena and Mariucci Arena, The Minnesota Daily reported.

Several regents was against the Legislature's actions, Star Tribune reported.

"A number of our peer... institutions have regularly sold beverages in their suites, but not to the general public," Johnson said. "We are now being forced to make a compromise," Star Tribune reported.

Federal disaster aid for 16 areas in Minnesota

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Federal government issued a federal disaster declaration to 16 areas that were affected by June's flooding and storm, Duluth News Tribune reported.

Th storm and flooding left $110 million damages in Northland. The Federal Emergency Management will cover 75 percent of the aid and, the state and local government will cover the rest, Duluth News Tribune reported.

Gov. Mark Dayton requested the declaration in a letter to President Obama last week. Bob Hume, a spokesman for Dayton, said the governor "was grateful with the quick turnaround," Star Tribune reported.

The Lake Superior port city of Duluth was damaged heavily with 10 inches of water between June 19 and 20. Thirteen animals died at the Lake Superior zoo and some escaped the zoo, Star Tribune reported.

The aid will cover emergency services related to the flooding, and repair or replacement of public properties such as roads, bridges, and buildings. The hazard mitigation grants will also help to reduce long-term risks to life and property from natural hazards.All counties in Minnesota are eligible for the aid, Duluth News Tribune reported.

The state Legislature expected to hold a special session to the match for the federal aid. The lawmakers will return to the State Capitol after the full assessment of the disaster, Star Tribune reported.

St.Paul teen killed outside of her school

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A SUV driver lost control of his vehicle and killed a high school student on Thursday, Pioneer Press reported.

A 16-year-old girl was killed by a speeding maroon SUV near Harding High School in St. Paul. Clarisse Grime died at the scene, Star Tribune reported. Her classmate Eduardo Vazquez-Torres was injured and taken to Regions Hospital, the police said.

The SUV's driver, Carlos Viveros-Colorado, was arrested on suspicious of criminal vehicle operation. His out-of-control car hit a fire hydrogen and a "No Parking" sign. Then, he ran over Grime, who died on the spot, Pioneer Press reported.

Anthony Williams,16, a student at the high school and witnessed the incident said his friend Grime and Grime's boyfriend Vazquez-Torres always wait outside the school, Star Tribune reported.

Williams said the driver was shocked when he saw the body of Grime. Williams said, "he stood by his car and was holding his head in shock," Star Tribune reported.

Viveros-Colorado was convicted of driving while intoxicated in 2001, according to court documents, Pioneer Press reported.

Pioneer Press reported De'Janea Johnson, who witnessed the accident, said the boy was hysterical and told Grime "Just follow my voice and breathe."

Howie Padilla, a St. Paul police spokesman, said two other accidents have occurred in the past. Padilla said one involved two-vehicle in 2010 and another one resulted in minor injuries, Star Tribune reported.

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