April 7, 2009

Options for Artifical Hydration or Nutrition

At the recent MN POLST Task Force Meeting, we deferred a decision regarding language for a section of the POLST related to artificial (e.g. NG, gastrostomy or IV) fluids and nutrition.

The link below has five other state's POLST language regarding this.

All address feeding tubes, but only some address IV fluids.

None address SQ hydration (hypodermoclysis), a practical and accepted approach to short term hydration, especially at home and in hospice. See: www.aafp.org/afp/20011101/1575.html

None address the difference between no answers in this section and desire for the intervention.

I suggest we adopt a Yes / No box for each of the choices, which leaves the third option of no answer (where no preference has been expressed). The choices are: SQ fluids, IV fluids, NG feeding, and feeding through gastrostomy/duodenal tube.

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April 3, 2009

Updated Minnesota POLST Form

Click below to see an updated version of a POLST form being considered by the Minnesota POLST Task Force. This version evolved from Oregon to Wisconsin to Allina. The interdisciplinary, interprofessional, geographically diverse Task Force then reviewed the latest Allina tool (with leaders from Allina) to improve clarity and generalizability. Further discussion is required on the issue of artificial hydration and nutrition and on the instructions on the back side. A follow-up meeting will be held May 20th. If you are not on our invite list (were notified of the first meeting in March) and would like to attend, contact Karolyn Stirewalt [KStirewalt@mnmed.org] at the Minnesota Medical Association.

Please post comments and suggestions regarding this version. See tab at bottom of page to move to page 2.


December 29, 2008

AMA Ethics Policy Re: POLST

Go to the American Medical Association ethics site for its policy statement in support of a nationally standard POLST.

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December 5, 2008


The form below is a Physician Order for Life Sustaining Treatment. It is based upon the form used in Oregon. It has been field tested in Cambridge Minnesota. We are seeking feedback from interested parties. Feedback received by January 15, 2009 will be used to update this form. It will then be reviewed and (hopefully) endorsed by organizations such as the Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Board, the Minnesota Medical Association, Hospice Minnesota, the Minnesota Medical Directors Association and the Minnesota Leadership Council on Aging.

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