Diversity analysis

In the New York Times an article titled "Cindy McCain Calls for End of 'Don't Ask'" appeared Friday, which was about Arizona Senator John McCain's wife supporting the repeal of the military policy "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

I talked to an out lesbian through e-mail about what she thought of the piece and if she noticed any stereotyping within the reporting.

Lauren, a grad student at Ohio State who's last name I will not use, did not observe any stereotyping. The only thing she mentioned was how John McCain may be forced to take such an extreme stance on LGBT rights to gain political approval while his wife can publicly say she's against the military policy. This is all speculation, of course.

"It is refreshing to see individuals such as Cindy McCain speak out against unjust discrimmination and denounce her party's conventional view points because it shows that you can identify as a Republican and support equal treatment of minorities," Lauren said.

The article's main idea went beyond stereotyping Republican viewpoints and turned everybody in LGBT community into someone everyone should consider their equal.

"It is encouraging to think that this is only the beginning and that every day citizens are becoming more educated about LGBT issues," Lauren said.

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