November 2, 2008

Here it is...

Life has become full of choices, or devoid of them due to absence of scale to choose one over other. I'd love to hang on to one but the preferences seem to very over time and the objective to achieve optimality scores over practicability and render the action undone.

So what is it, it's time to stop, think act and move. Progression of actions guided by wise approach, sustained through vision of goal at all times, fueled by motivation towards self-actualization and achievement, will lead to life of purpose. Now what I come to realize is the persistence and perseverance are the true qualities of an achiever. There is no short-cut, but only a journey to do the best in whatever comes your way. And the current day wisdom says, in order to get the best out of what you have, use as extensively the information from your surrounding as you can. An aggression towards pushing the frontiers is needed.

Actually what I am doing here is just clearing my head. Trying to see things in a lesser convoluted way and disentangle preferences over choices. There is one question though that puzzles me a lot. How do you determine as to what is the best choice? would say list your metrics, rate the choices over them and determine based on scores of choices over those metrics, one choice over another. It looks easy this way.

So I could augment this scheme to facilitate achievement of better results through incremental refinement of vague objectives. which are the milestones on the road towards the vision. Now what would help in actually carrying these activities out is having meta-activities as guidelines to follow. And inspirational figures which psychologically propel us to act and achieve; they are make-believe actors in the action cycle.

I believe, this note so far is clear and conveys unambiguously what I intended. Let me stop here and move ahead to act.