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As Family Physicians, we are specialist in all members of the Family providing care throughout the full spectrum of common disease, illness, wellness, prevention, behavioral health, acute and chronic injury. We manage and care for the most common presentations of prenatal care, labor, delivery, post partum, neonatal, children, adolescents, sports medicine, emergency, women's, men's and geriatric health care.


The data has shown that the majority of patients who seek our care are well within the abilities of our specialty and that health systems that are primary care based have better outcomes at lower costs. This is primarily through our role as Family Physicians in managing and caring for the most common presentations of individual and multiple chronic diseases and guiding the practices of our patients' wellness and prevention care. As our predecessors the general practitioner were the foundation of modern medicine, we the Family Physician, will and must  do our part to provide a foundation for the current challenges and the future of Medicine. Our full spectrum practice provides a unique perspective on the impact of medical care.


Evidence Based Care, Patient Oriented Outcomes and Continuity of Care will be the tools of our efforts to provide effective and efficacious care throughout the cycle of our patients' lives. In order to provide this care we are constantly training to become life long learners. As an academic Family Physician my personal goal is to help guide each learner in my charge to become a better physician than I am and everyday of my career to strive to become a better physician myself. This blog is a part of developing that effort the goal is to continue that path of life long learning together. Your input is desired and appreciated.



Renee Crichlow MD, FAAFP

Proud to be  on faculty at U of M North Memorial Residency's Broadway Family Medicine, 

"Where Excellence Meets Caring"



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