October 23, 2006

Cut and Clear

I frequent the Chaska area, to see my significant other:), and much more often now, than in the past, we seem to see much cayotes. Well we both spoke to other community members about the situation; an apparent increase in the cayote population, and someone took our concerns (the community) to the City of Chaska. General feedback from people that live in Chaska was that they did not want to have to even see cayotes at all, and wanted an animal control center to take care of the escalating problem. There seems to be a slew of developmental projects in the Chaska area, which includes building of strip malls, housing projects and changing so much of the infrastructure that there is a huge loss of the natural vegetative landscape in Chaska. With all this removal of habitat and building, it is no wonder why these cayotes are being displaced into residential areas. If there were a way for the animals to be primary concern before initiating any kind of mass deforestation, and instead captured and rehabitated in a similar and just as suitable environment, the community would not have to share a living environment with cayotes, nor would the animals themselves be in a cruel situation. I personally think the city should stop developers from cutting any more trees, until the more important matter of finding new homes for the animals are addressed.


October 15, 2006

Bad Kitty

This Morning I woke up, like I do, every blissful and blessed Sunday morning, smile on my face. Got out of bed, about to shower, when my nose gets a message 'Alert! I think Nasri pooped in the closet:( '. I've had this kitten for about two months and I try to make her as happy a roomate as I can possibly. She has everything that she could ever need from me. Man what a way to start my day, cleaning cat poo. Now basically I've to try to find a way to make her less likely to do such evil acts, especially not in the closet.


October 2, 2006

I guess one of the places I always seemed to run off to growing up was the beach. As a child, it was almost impossible to escape it. The roar of crashing Atlantic Ocean, terrifying yet soothing, presented a magnetic duality, always fresh, always alive. Many mornings I would find myself lying on damp sand, before the day broke over the horizon with my senses barred before the ever changing canvas of sky. No two moments were ever alike.And when the rainy season comes, its like heaven. Destruction and regeneration in all its glory. Darkness. Thundershowers.Lightning storms. Regrowth of vegetation.



September 18, 2006

La Crosse

I first moved to Minneapolis three months ago at the end of my last semester at school in Wisconsin. I lived there for two and a half years, in a very small farming town called La Crosse. It was a town I soon hated after moving from Trinidad, WI. Little by little however La Crosse presented its charms as a wonderful little 'small town' and now I miss it so. It definitely possessed a different sort of energy than anyplace I've ever lived, not that Im an international gypsy or anything, but this response originating from having not lived within a community as minute as 50 000. Yes, very engaging town it seemed to me. It was also very beatiful and scenic, if you can appreciate miles of rolling bluffland and rivers. I did enjoy taking strolls at the river downtown. However its people were much conservative, it was torture to have to place myself anywhere there; even within an arts setting at school, I seemed to be progressive in terms of artistic outlook. Unenergizing it could be sometimes and a huge lack of entertainment and dining were also a couple downsides. I plan on visiting next weekend:)