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September 18, 2006

La Crosse

I first moved to Minneapolis three months ago at the end of my last semester at school in Wisconsin. I lived there for two and a half years, in a very small farming town called La Crosse. It was a town I soon hated after moving from Trinidad, WI. Little by little however La Crosse presented its charms as a wonderful little 'small town' and now I miss it so. It definitely possessed a different sort of energy than anyplace I've ever lived, not that Im an international gypsy or anything, but this response originating from having not lived within a community as minute as 50 000. Yes, very engaging town it seemed to me. It was also very beatiful and scenic, if you can appreciate miles of rolling bluffland and rivers. I did enjoy taking strolls at the river downtown. However its people were much conservative, it was torture to have to place myself anywhere there; even within an arts setting at school, I seemed to be progressive in terms of artistic outlook. Unenergizing it could be sometimes and a huge lack of entertainment and dining were also a couple downsides. I plan on visiting next weekend:)