August 17, 2010

Fall is coming

So the fall is coming and another year of school is just about to start. I am volunteering wrestling coach at a local high school and am excited to throw the old wrestling shoes back on again. There is just something about the Fall and Winter in Minnesota that I love and I'm actually kind of excited to see winter roll around again.

I took 2 summer classes this past summer. One on Economics and the other on the Microsoft Office suite of applications. Enjoyed both immensely.

I went fishing quite a bit this summer up in northern Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota. We caught a ton of small mouth bass and northen pike. I picked up a new android phone because I dropped mine in a lake by Spooner, Wi.

I've been totally addicted to this game called Evony. Evony is an online gaming site similar to Civilization that allows you to build dozens of cities and go to war from each of them. The game has taken over my life, but will school starting again soon I'll be able to rid myself of that habit entirely, I hope.

I am going to try to keep this blog up to date with as much stuff about wrestling, life, and gaming as I can.

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