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Wrestling shoes site!

Wrestling Shoes - That's Right! Wrestling Shoes!

A Beginner's guide to old wrestling shoes

Because of my never ending interest in all things wrestling shoes I went ahead and started working on another website about wrestling shoes.  This site will be more of a "static" page devoted to old wrestling shoes- retro designs from back in the '80s and '90s.


Adjustable Hand grip

From the guys that bring you the best in wrestling shoes: Adjustable Hand Grip $9.90
Adjustable Hand Grip //" border="0"> Enlarge Image
  • The adjustable hand grip is an excellent way to build hand and forearm strength. It is also an excellent tool for stress management. The resistance level the hand grip can be easily adjusted by twisting the ball upward for less resistance or by twisting the ball downward for more resistance.
  • Exercise has long been known as a tremendous remedy for reducing and controlling stress. And the GoFit Hand Grip is a very convenient and easy tool to compliment your exercise program. It can be used virtually anywhere (Car, office, home, etc.) The other obvious benefits you gain from using the hand grip is increased forearm and hand strength, which will benefit you in almost any sport or work application.
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