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Olympic Champion.  The youngest Olympic Champion in United States history.  Has never lost an Olympic Match.  Perfection.  Role Model.
All of these adjectives describe Henry Cejudo.   Now, the 21 year old Mexican American standout has his own wrestling shoes.  The Adidas Vaporspeed II (2) Henry Cejudo Signature Shoes.  These shoes are available in three color combinations- White/Silver, Grey/Black/Orange, and Silver/Black/Pool Blue.

It is expected that the Silver/White westling shoes (pictured left) will be the best selling wrestling shoes of the season.  These run about $76 before shipping, which is about $12 when shipped via UPS.

Adidas has produced "signature shoes" for John Smith for many years, including this year's Mat Wizard III (3).

The Masters of Wrestling Shoes

The Wrestling Shoes Masters are here to help you get a grip on the upcoming shoes for 2009-2010.  These wrestling shoes will released at MatFish.com in early May- most other stores out there will not get them until June/July.

Tune in to the blog later this week while we count down the top 20 new shoes coming for 2009.

For the time being, check out the wrestling shoes section @ MatFish.com!

Amazon & eBay Daily Deals

Another new offering on TWT.  This is more for the people interested in things outside of the wrestling world, but the deals are pretty amazing some times.

Amazon Daily Deals

eBay Daily Deals

I added a feed that comes in from eBay with used/rare Wrestling Shoes by Asics, Adidas, and Nike

Used Asics Gear

Used Adidas Gear
Used Nike Gear

New wrestling shoes listings

Happened to get listed a couple times in some wrestling gear directories.. pretty sweet!  Meaningless, but good listings below for our wrestling shoes section!

Listing 1, Listing 2, Listing 3

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