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my favorite sites

Alright. I saved a ton of my old bookmarks from high school a couple weeks ago and now I'm going to put up a list of websites I use now and don't want to lose. This list doesn't include things like ESPN which I won't forget.

Mental & Physical Health
Parenting - My professors website - ScottCounseling parenting is a great resource for teens and parenting having problems.
Total Transformation - a system that my psychology professor talked about a lot.


Android Apps - Droidmasters is a news site about Google android.

Affiliate Marketing Expert - This site provides good tips for webmasters.
Wrestling shoes - This site provides good tips for webmasters.

Wrestling - an amateur wrestling site I visit
High School Wrestling .Net - the national governing body of HS Wrestling
Wrestling Technique Videos - videos used to teach wrestling technique
Wrestling Camps - Camps, clinics, and other wrestling tips

cross training for football

I started building a cross training program for high school football players that includes
joining the wrestling team.

Wrestling is a great way to get better at tackling, improve body control, and strength. After practice, lose the wrestling shoes (they cause shin splints) and wear running shoes. The cardio done on high school wrestling teams is generally much more grueling than a football practice's conditioning.

Circuit training for wrestling workouts are key. They generate fast twitch muscle fiber simulate wrestling and football well. Jumping rope, tire sprints, and cartwheels are other ways to gain more body control and foot speed. Don't forget to wear headgear when you're wrestling - you don't want to damage your ears.

parenting classes at the u

I've been researching classes at the U of M for the spring semester and think it would be fun to focus on something related to children and parenting.

I recently read an article on cutting and how the children who do it are constantly wrestling with the urge to keep doing it.

Another element of parenting I would like to learn more about is dealing with anorexia. I had a relative deal with this for 12 years of her life and getting to understand the disease would be quite enlightening.

my old computer

My computer has finally died. Luckily I saved all of the bookmarks, photos, and videos off of it before it completely locked up!

fall is here

Im pretty excited to start to break out sweatshirts again. I'm not ready to trade in my shoes for snow boots yet, but fall is welcome to join us! I am also excited for the high school wrestling season to start. My dad's company designed wrestling singlets and uniforms for several teams this season to match their headgear.

Favorite things to do in the fall: backyard football, wrestling, and campfires.

Adidas Combat Speed 3 New Color

The Combat Speed will be coming in at least one additional color in 2011. We expect the color to be very similar to the old school blue/yellow, but who knows.

We're pretty excited to see what they come out with for the 2011 Combat Speed wrestling shoes!

Wrestling shoes at LiveStrong

Check out the Wrestling shoes post over at  It gives you basics on each type of shoe and how to pick on that best suits your wrestling style.

Wrestling Technique Videos

Get ready for wrestling early by training with free wrestling technique videos.  Master the art of wrestling all three positions by training online.  Educate yourself on takedowns including the high crotch, ankle pick, single leg, double leg, and fireman's carry.  Learn escape & reversal techniques like the granby roll series, switches, sit outs, and stand ups.  Master the turk, cradle, and other turns on top.

Get your technique wave rolling!

playing video games

I've been playing a lot of Madden 11 online lately with the speaker headgear. They've added a lot of new features and technique videos to the game along with a great career mode.

Its definitely my favorite Madden of all time.

2011 National High School Wrestling Rankings

2011 D1CW Top 100 High School Seniors

Rank Name Hometown State College Wt School
1. Destin McCauley Burnsville MN 157
2. Morgan McIntosh Santa Ana CA 184
3. Andrew Campolattano Bound Brook NJ 184 Rutgers (Football)
4. Jesse Thielke Germantown WI 125 Wisconsin
5. Nico Megaludis Murrysville PA 125 Penn State
6. Kenny Courts Harrisburg PA 174
7. Austin Ormsbee Andover NJ 141
8. Chris Phillips Monroeville OH 174
9. Tanner Hall Meridian ID 197
10. Cam Tessari Monroeville OH 149 Ohio State
11. Mason Beckman Reynolds PA 125 Lehigh
12. Hunter Stieber Monroeville OH 133 Ohio State
13. Logan Storley Roslyn SD 174
14. Jahwon Akui Chicago IL 184
15. Evan Silver Chevy Chase MD 125
16. Bryce Hammond Bakersfield CA 165
17. Alex Dieringer Pt Washington WI 149
18. Zach Horan Nazareth PA 125
19. Edwin Cooper Joliet IL 141
20. Austin Blythe Williamsburg IA 285 Iowa (Football)
21. Steve Keough Apple Valley MN 165
22. Cody Krumwiede Waverly IA 197
23. John Guzzo Sussex NJ 165
24. Donny Longendyke Vadnais Heights MN 285
25. Nick Brascetta St. Paris OH 125
26. Matt Kelliher Apple Valley MN 133
27. Terrell Wilbourn St. Charles MO 141
28. Jeromy Davenport Sallisaw OK 157
29. Nick Gwiazdowski Duanesburg NY 197
30. Vince Rodriguez Clovis CA 125
31. Johnni DiJulius Akron OH 141 Ohio State
32. James Green Willingboro NJ 157
33. Jacob Waste Apple Valley MN 174
34. Nik Pena Selma CA 133
35. Nick Hodgkins Wyomissing PA 141
36. Devin Pommerenke Rogers City MI 285 Central Michigan
37. Luke Frey Montoursville PA 141
38. Eric Roach Crown Point IN 149 Indiana
39. Travis Shaffer Derry PA 141 Pittsburgh
40. Bricker Dixon Park Hill MO 125
41. Evan Henderson Saltsburg PA 149
42. Austin Marsden Crystal Lake IL 197
43. Blake Roulo Petersburg VA 149
44. Matt Hickman Camarillo CA 157
45. Trevor Jauch Crystal Lake IL 133
46. Steven Knoblauch Clovis CA 125
47. Bubba Scheffel Oakland MD 165
48. Ryne Cokeley Lenexa KS 157
49. Codey Combs Georgetown DE 149
50. Ian Miller Oak Harbor OH 157 Kent State
51. Taylor Moeder Shawnee KS 141
52. Roger Wildmo Durand MI 141
53. Luke Sheridan Concord CA 184
54. Patrick Rhodes Staley MO 174
55. Kris Klapprodt Stevens City SD 174
56. Tank Knowles Santa Ana CA 197
57. Joey Gosinski Carol Stream IL 133
58. Jade Rauser Townsend MT 125
59. Jake Sueflohn Arrowhead WI 141
60. Chris Lopez Orland Park IL 285
61. Nathan Zarate Selma CA 149
62. Chris Mecate Redlands CA 133
63. Nathaniel Brown Lewisburg PA 174
64. Cody Caldwell Waverly IA 157
65. Connor Medbery Loveland CO 285
66. Nick Francavilla Sussex NJ 125
67. Vince Waldenhauser Oak Ridge CA 165
68. Joey Kielbasa Crystal Lake IL 157
69. Harrison Honeycutt Mooresville NC 197
70. Ian Korb Cincinnati OH 184
71. Cody Brewer Kansas City MO 125
72. Travis Himmelman Conifer CO 149
73. Colby Kloetzer Caldwell ID 149
74. Lex Ozias Oakland MD 141
75. Devin Aguirre Ponca City OK 157
76. Robert Deutsch Voorhes NJ 125
77. Henry Carlson Vestavia Hills AL 149
78. Zach Corl Lock Haven PA 285
79. David Ferry Modesto CA 141
80. Tanner Weatherman Ballard IA 174 Iowa State
81. Earl Hall South Dade FL 125
82. Brad Dolezal Marshfield WI 149
83. Wally Figaro Brandon FL 165
84. Val Rauser Townsend MT 125
85. Lorenzo Thomas Pittsburgh PA 157
86. Alex Utley Stow OH 174 North Carolina
87. Joe Schumacher Bismarck ND 149
88. Joe Rendina Dundee MI 141
89. Chad Ryan Sioux City IA 133
90. Conor Youtsey Mason MI 125
91. Drake Stein Francisco IN 184
92. David Wesley Richmond VA 165
93. Luke Smith Wheeling IL 141
94. Jay Taylor Oviedo FL 197
95. Justin Lozano Clovis CA 165
96. Pete Baldwin Osecola FL 149
97. Mark Havers Bradford PA 165
98. Jameson Oster Lockport IL 133
99. Seth Thomas Roseburg OR 165
100. Matt Stephens St. Paris OR 157 Virginia Tech

up at the cabin

Up relaxing at the cabin for the weekend. This is what it looks like in the winter.

This time of year is more fun being outdoors, but I can't resist a good fire at the cabin. Just kick off your shoes and warm up your feet by a fire!

Try making a grilled cheese sandwich over a fire! Just grab some bread, cheese singlets, and a fire friendly pan!

como zoo

Had a great day today. Wonderful weather and went to Como Park, it was super. My favorite exhibit has to be the monkeys, followed closely by the lion. I love how the monkeys wrestle around with each other.

2010 Super 32

The 2010 Super 32 is slightly changing its format this year as to how entrants get into the field.  Check it all out at and stay up to date with all entrants, live results, and more from Super 32!

my old bookmarks

just a list of sites I didnt want to lose when transferring computers;u=42929;u=45119;u=34984;u=61380;u=48933;u=30655;u=38149;u=90446;u=24901;u=102958;u=61053;u=71424;u=28354;u=93472;u=81809;u=45463;u=33864;u=30294;u=22051;u=34059;u=44019;u=27852;u=18234;u=26377;u=15438;u=42046;u=45540;u=102210;u=18027;u=24643;u=45787;u=108016;u=25273;u=29371;u=26859;u=45463;u=49468;u=84328;u=24738;u=16904;u=57731;u=25014;u=22798;u=104506;u=23025;u=26978;u=47629;u=20655;u=21418;u=27516;u=75328;u=32061;u=17162;u=6282;area=forumprofile;u=23626;u=37627;u=42504;u=70443;u=28020;u=51972;u=81468;u=38397;u=33543;u=33719;u=21841;u=24567;u=45432;u=24958;u=22480;u=56544;u=21135;u=20451;u=44603;area=forumprofile;u=23311;u=14134;u=6059;u=24695;u=16823;u=106653;u=37375

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