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Results from a decade ago!

The MN Christmas Tournament brackets from 2000 included 4x NCAA D3 Champ Marcus LeVesseur, 2x NCAA D3 Champ Matt Shankey, NCAA Finalist Ty Eustice (who lost), Nate Baker, and about a dozen other future Gopher wrestlers.

Check out the results

results and discussion about the season

I was surprised to find an old results page from back in 2000 that detailed some ancient wrestling scores.

After a one-year hiatus, the University of Minnesota wrestling team will return to Rochester. And this time, the Gophers will bring some serious competition with them

The Golden Gophers continue their early season schedule with the Northern Quad on Saturday in Rochester, Minn. The UCR Regional Sports Center will host the event, which features No. 9 Central Michigan, Appalachian State and North Dakota State along with Minnesota.

The No. 3 Minnesota wrestling program swept the Northern Quad in Rochester, Minn. on Sunday, posting wins in all three duals.

Awesome New Wrestling Gear Site

Check out What the guys at have put together!

A full fledged Marketplace of new and used wrestling shoes, wrestling singlets, wrestling headgear, mats, memorabilia, awards - you name it, it looks like it will be headed up on Matfish Marketplace.

The marketplace uses the robust background of Matfish's primary store application to operate and is promoted heavily on and HSWrestling.Net - two of the Internet's most influential wrestling websites.
Images are courtesy of HSWrestling.Net.


Front Page:

Wrestling Singlets Page: Wrestling Gear Affiliate Program

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2012 New Wrestling Shoes


STORY:  My friend was just at the wrestling gear fair of 2012 wrestling shoes.  Prototypes of various wrestling shoes for the 2011-2012 season were on display from vendors like Nike, Asics, Adidas, and a company called Rhino.

Nike is eventually going to be releasing the Nike Inflict 3 wrestling shoes. These shoes will have several basic color combinations - yet to be decided.  (Make a comment below on what you think they should be!)

Asics is rumored to be releasing the Asics Cael V - Beyond Perfection.  A release of 4-5 color options on that shoe.  The Aggressor will likely keep its new name and move on to a version 2 (Asics Aggressor 2 wrestling shoes).

Adidas is planning to roll out additional color options for the Combat Speed 3.  They look SWEET!!  I can't wait until I can post pictures of these sweet babies!

a comparison of sorts

i have always wondered about the differences in wrestlers and why they choose the certain shoes that they do when they compete. After researching matches on youtube and other wrestling videos websites I came to a couple conclusions that I will outline in this comparison.

The first thing noteworthy is that there are three Americans with their own shoes - Dan Gable, Cael Sanderson, and John Smith. Each of these wrestlers was an Olympic champion and all three coach or administer at powerhouse wrestling colleges.

Asics wrestling shoes seem to always be a little more of a "brawler's" shoe. They have heavier ankle support and the wrestlers wearing them tend to be more "in your face". Alternatively, adidas wrestling shoes are generally worn by more technical and less physical wrestlers. Nike jumps into the ring once in a while - most notably the Kolat wrestling shoes of the 2000-2005 era. Nike has not really branded themselves well enough to have a "style" of wrestler follow their shoes, yet. There are several other brands of wrestling shoes that are made on small scales, however, I've seen very few in any matches.

adidas seems to make their shoes lighter and more thin around the ankles. This gives "funky" or "gumby" wrestlers a "sock-like" feel and this flexibility allows those wrestlers to "weasel" out of a situation more easily. It also provides for increased cutting on angles and potentially better scrambling.

Asics Aggressor - 2011's Top Wrestling Shoes

The update to the Rulon, the Aggressor wrestling shoes features ASICS most aggressive outsole for ultimate traction on the mat to dominate your opponent. Ultra lightweight form-fitting Ecsaine upper helps make the Aggressor the wrestlers wrestling shoe.

* Ecsaine Upper provides a super suede synthetic material that is durable, comfortable and provides excellent fit.
* DuoSole Outsole reduces weight and enhances flexibility while maintaining traction and durability.
* Weighing in at only 8.4 ounces, the Aggressor provides a lightweight, snug fit.

More Top Products From Matfish

You can find all of the remaining top products on through their blog on

The list includes around 4,000 additional items including wrestling shoes, wrestling gear, wrestling singlets, and other wrestling equipment.

cool new sites

i found a cool new site about wrestling. it contains the top products and product searches to help find the best items for the current week/month.'s Top 200 Products 2010-2011

These are the top 200 product/item searches for wrestling gear on

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Used, Rare, and Secret Wrestling Shoes

You know those hard to find shoes, the ones that they stopped making years ago, right? Like the old school Blue/Red/White adidas or a variety of nike wrestling shoes; like the Greco Supreme, Freek, and Kolat.

Well,, the nation's leading social network for wrestling, has a section for used wrestling shoes and wrestling gear from Nike, Adidas, and Asics. These sections are updated 3 times per day with a variety of different auctions. wrestling gear has sponsored this project as part of their ongoing effort to improve wrestling online.

HSWrestling.Net is covering the walsh ironman wrestling tournament live. To check out some of the best wrestling in the country, check their site out. it should be a lot of fun!

I have added the past results to my list of old bookmarks so I won't lose it.

ironman tournament

im heading to the walsh ironman wrestling tournament to check out some of the best wrestling in the country. it should be a lot of fun!

I have added the past results to my list of old bookmarks so I won't lose it.

wrestling practice monday

so, the season is starting.. high school wrestling officially starts on monday. I picked up a new pair of shoes and some headgear so I wont get cauliflower ear when drilling with the kids.

Asics Aggressors - Today's Top Shoe

The update to the Rulon, the Aggressor features ASICS most aggressive outsole for ultimate traction on the mat to dominate your opponent. Ultra lightweight form-fitting Ecsaine upper helps make the Aggressor the wrestlers wrestling shoe.

Red & Black Aggressor on visit for other color options.

wrestling gear wrestling news clothing