2014 2015 wrestling season around the corner

U of M should have another good team. Same with Penn St. More interested in local high school wrestling. Apple Valley should have another good squad.



Schools and companies around the country are being awarded grants for using more earth-friendly options in their buildings, like a Heritage BioTuf Compostable Liner.

Eco / renewable products generally always cost more money but the idea is to create incentive for the school or business to purchase 100% renewable products. Well, the incentive to minimize damage to the earth is already there, but the financial hit is now mitigated. Hopefully this is taken advantage of in a good way as it is a solid plan for our future.

24" x 32" BioTuf Compostable 13 gallon Liner

30" x 39" Compostable Can Liner

34" x 48" Green Compostable BioTuf Liners

42" x 48" Compostable Can Liners

47" x 60" Green BioTuf Compost Friendly Can Liner

Schools all around the country are helping to save the earth by using products like BioTuf Compostable Can Liners.


John Denney, a former Minnesota state wrestler, has been officially endorsed as the Independence Party of Minnesota candidate in the Sixth Congressional District.

John grew up in Forest Lake Minnesota before heading to Saint Cloud State University in 2006 to pursue a B.A. in Philosophy. He is currently attending William Mitchell College of Law and is expecting his Juris Doctorate in 2015.

Corruption in Congress

The people who preside within congress gain their funding and power from very powerful corporate sponsored special interest groups. In turn, many of our country's deep rooted problems come from these wealthy corporations having untold powers thanks to the elected officials they are able to push into power. So long as these lobbying efforts continue to have a positive cost-benefit analysis, nothing will change on this front.

Also read up on John's views regarding income inequality, lack of constitutional rights in the United States, taking care of our veterans, re-purposing federal funding to law enforcement, making a real effort to protect nature and the wildlife within it, and improving our flawed education system.

New York janitor attacked while shoveling

Edward Maldonado, 43, was slashed with a knife across his face while shoveling snow outside Public School 102 on E. 113th St. in East Harlem.

Brandon Senquiz, 18, was arrested Monday and charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon.


OSHA regulations from 2013 to 2014

As usual everyone wants to know what is on OSHA's mind going into the new year. 2014 is just like other years for them - make the work-place safer and ensure that companies are following suit.

  • Silica standard change to lower the permissible exposure limit from 100 micrograms per cubic meter to 50 micro grams per cubic meter.
  • Define limits regarding confined spaces in construction setting
  • Requirements related to enhancing the injury and illness recording and reporting.
  • Walking and working surfaces; preventing slips, trips and falling.
  • Operator certification of crane and derrick
  • Employer's responsibility to keep accurate, up-to-date records of illnesses and injuries
  • Exposure to Beryllium

Next up is a look at Storopack PAPERplus. It is one of the revolutionary packaging creation machines available right now. There is PAPERplus classic, PAPERplus Chevron and PAPERplus Shooter. Ramps up the efficiency and also makes use of recyclable materials to be on top of the environmental ladder as well.

It's smelling good in Spring as you might imagine. The house smells like Triple S Dry Air Fresheners - the bathrooms anyway.

Triple S 05030 Baby Powder Air Freshener
Triple S Bayberry Air Deodorizer
Triple S Cinna-Mist Dry Air Freshener

Safety Signs on the mat at school

It is important to be aware of what could happen on the mat while you are in the middle of a match with your opponent.

Mats are cleaned regularly but at the same time get slippery in the heat of a battle. This is why you may see foot and leg injuries in wrestling.

Practice safety by maintaining control of your body and utilizing leverage to give yourself the upper hand. Agility is important too but you cannot be out of control; it could get you beat and / or injured.

Our school recently partnered with Bay West paper products. They are a company that relishes the chance to put out a green product to help the environment.

Bay West Controlled Use Roll Towels
Kimberly Clark Roll Towels
Wypall X80 Wipers
Spunlace Critical Application Wipers
DublSoft C-Fold Towels
Boardwalk C Fold Towels
DublSoft OptiFold Towels
Triple S Sterling Towels
Boardwalk Natural Multifold Towels
Bay West Controlled Use Tissue
Conventional Roll Bath Tissue
Georgia Pacific Bath Tissue
Jumbo Bath Tissue
Kimberly Clark Bath Tissue
EcoSoft 2-Ply Household Paper Towel
Boardwalk 2-Ply Big Roll Towel
EcoSoft Singlefold Natural Towels

Meet went well

Everyone wrestled hard over the weekend. We beat Carleton and they have lots of good competitors, proud of the team. Going to train hard throughout the week and do lots of running once my new wrestling shoes come and it warms up to get my cardio back up to speed. We do need to find some deals on safety supplies so we can start cleaning our mats and locker room better.

For now, we head up north to do some ice fishing. Great way to relax and build a bond with your teammates. Some of these guys can catch walleyes like you would never believe. I'm still learning. Hoping they can teach me and maybe I'll tag along during one of the 2014 Minnesota bass tournaments.

New Custom Made Entrance Mat for the team


Always good to be in the middle of wrestling season and get a treat for the school.

It's winter and stuff gets messy. Our old cheap entrance matting was generic and wasn't thick enough to absorb the wintry mix that came in the doors for longer than an hour without getting water-logged. We also wanted entrance matting with a logo so we could put our team logo on there. Now we are ready to greet our guests on Saturday for the match.

Thanks to our St. Paul supply company friends for the great look.


Intermat JJ Classic 2013

The Intermat JJ Classic is a great wrestling event not just because it brings some of the best midwest high school wrestling to one place. But also it is a great cause as it was created for the late Justin JJ Kukowski, an athlete who died from brain cancer in 2007.

If you weren't fortunate enough to watch it live, you can tell by looking at the 2013 Intermat JJ Classic Tournament Results that it was quite an event. It took place in Rochester, MN at the UCR Regional Sports Center. The top high school wrestlers from Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, etc converged to put on a show.

Intermat JJ Classic 2013 wrestling tournament brackets

100 pounds 1st place Justin Portillo
106 pounds 1st place Tucker Sjomeling
113 pounds 1st place Noah Hellickson
120 pounds 1st place Kyle Akins
126 pounds 1st place Tommy Thorn
132 pounds 1st place PJ Klee
138 pounds 1st place Ben Brancale
145 pounds 1st place Matthew Rundell
152 pounds 1st place Owen Webster
160 pounds 1st place Dayton Racer
170 pounds 1st place Mark Hall
182 pounds 1st place Bobby Steveson
195 pounds 1st place Nicholas Pegelow
220 pounds 1st place Nathan Rose
285 pounds 1st place George Weege

Andersen Waterhog Classic Entrance Matting 18" x 27"
Andersen Waterhog Classic Entrance Matting 2" x 3"
Andersen Waterhog Classic Entrance Matting 3" x 4"
Andersen Waterhog Classic Entrance Matting 3" x 5"
Andersen Waterhog Classic Entrance Matting 3" x 8"
Andersen Waterhog Classic Entrance Matting 3" x 10"
Andersen Waterhog Classic Entrance Matting 3" x 12"
Andersen Waterhog Classic Entrance Matting 3" x 16"
Andersen Waterhog Classic Entrance Matting 3" x 20"
Andersen Waterhog Classic Entrance Matting 4" x 6"
Andersen Waterhog Classic Entrance Matting 4" x 8"
Andersen Waterhog Classic Entrance Matting 4" x 10"
Andersen Waterhog Classic Entrance Matting 4" x 12"
Andersen Waterhog Classic Entrance Matting 4" x 16"
Andersen Waterhog Classic Entrance Matting 4" x 20"
Andersen Waterhog Classic Entrance Matting 6" x 8"
Andersen Waterhog Classic Entrance Matting 6" x 12"
Andersen Waterhog Classic Entrance Matting 6" x 16"
Andersen Waterhog Classic Entrance Matting 6" x 20"

How bout those Gophs

Funny to think after the first two Big Ten games in which they were beat handily, that they would come out of it like they have.

Now maybe the question is which bowl game will get they? No Motor City Music Bowl this year (or whatever it's called). Still a lot to do yet, with a tough game against Wisconsin ahead.

Color me impressed so far. Goph fans have been waiting a long time for this.But try not to break the rivalry trophy next time :D

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Jordan Burroughs Wrestling MMA

From Jordan Burroughs blog.

Jordan Burroughs has probably been asked this question a million times since many assume it is inevitable for wrestling stars to attempt MMA. But Burroughs gives some insightful analysis as to why he's kept his passion for wrestling despite the lure of riches in the MMA. Jordan Burroughs wrestles because not only is that where his passion lies but that is his specialty. Many MMA fighters have more varied, master-of-none but jack-of-all-trades type abilities.

More from Burroughs below on his decision to continue wrestling.

"I am a wrestler at heart, always have been and always will be. I began wrestling when I was five years old. I am 25. I have put 20 years into perfecting my craft. Wrestling is my passion. Why would I leave my domain to step into someone else's? MMA guys are more than welcome to strap on a pair of wrestling shoes and compete in the US Open, or next year's World Team Trials. I've had my ups and downs. Injuries. Losses. Wins. Times I've I wanted to quit. But at the end of the day, wrestling is my favorite sport in the world. I have made countless sacrifices and commitments to become the best in the world. Anyone who doesn't respect my decision to pursue wrestling and stay out of the cage, fine, I can live with that. I get to wake up every morning and do what I love, and be pretty darn good at it. I don't have anything to prove to anyone by stepping in the cage. If people still need to see me fight to prove how tough or athletic I am, I think they will always be doubtful of my ability, no matter what I accomplish. "