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Top Products For Early December:

Here is a list of top wrestling products for the early part of December!

Awesome New Wrestling Gear Site

Check out What the guys at have put together!

A full fledged Marketplace of new and used wrestling shoes, wrestling singlets, wrestling headgear, mats, memorabilia, awards - you name it, it looks like it will be headed up on Matfish Marketplace.

The marketplace uses the robust background of Matfish's primary store application to operate and is promoted heavily on and HSWrestling.Net - two of the Internet's most influential wrestling websites.
Images are courtesy of HSWrestling.Net.


Front Page:

Wrestling Singlets Page: Wrestling Gear Affiliate Program

Just a quick note for you webmasters and high school facebook addicts to check out the affiliate program.  During the Black Friday weekend (through Cyber Monday) you can sign up and receive 10% commission on all of your sales!

Sign up through my affiliate link so I get credit, please!  Then, reach out to your friends on facebook messages,  by going to a product page and clicking "LIKE"), or  through your website and promote the products - its that simple.

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More Top Products From Matfish

You can find all of the remaining top products on through their blog on

The list includes around 4,000 additional items including wrestling shoes, wrestling gear, wrestling singlets, and other wrestling equipment.'s Top 200 Products 2010-2011

These are the top 200 product/item searches for wrestling gear on

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Used, Rare, and Secret Wrestling Shoes

You know those hard to find shoes, the ones that they stopped making years ago, right? Like the old school Blue/Red/White adidas or a variety of nike wrestling shoes; like the Greco Supreme, Freek, and Kolat.

Well,, the nation's leading social network for wrestling, has a section for used wrestling shoes and wrestling gear from Nike, Adidas, and Asics. These sections are updated 3 times per day with a variety of different auctions. wrestling gear has sponsored this project as part of their ongoing effort to improve wrestling online.

Some links to check out

This is just an assortment of different links to check out.  Nothing major, just some good solid gear links.

adidas wrestling shoes

Adidas Wrestling shoes

Cliff Keen Tornado Wrestling Headgear Review

It's the Perfect Storm. The #1 selling headgear in wrestling just got even better! Now, over 40 Stock Color Combinations.

Over 3,100 Custom Color Possibilities. No Minimums! Most of all, better results on the mat. Keep your head in the match with the Tornado™ headgear.

A revolutionary design based on NASA reasearch, created by the most trusted name in wrestling and tested by some of the best on the planet. It's 43% lighter.

Remarkably cooler. Includes Greater Audible Sound™ technology. Incorporates our new PowerTab™ strapping system for a better, faster fit.

It's custom built to match your team colors. Combats bacterial build-up.
And it's made from our strongest components yet for incredible durability. Simply put, it's heads above the competition.

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