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Jogging, coaching, and injuries

I met Brock Lesnar today at his gym. He is a really, really big dude. He said they need to make him custom MMA gear because he is too big for all of the standard available sizes. He was in two sessions - one was BJJ and the other was training in various wrestling moves.

I went up to my first preseason wrestling practice at the school. One of the kids showed up in a singlet and shoes so we had to explain to him that those were only for tournaments.

Great Day!

Boating on Lake Minnetonka

Just about to head out and do some fishing and boating on Minnetonka. My buddy Bob recently purchased a place on the lake and we've been going over there to watch the MMA & UFC fights lately.

Bob was into wrestling in high school but quit before he began wrestling in college and started an internet marketing company.

I think my favorite thing to do when we're out boating is to wake board. I've gotten pretty decent at it over the summer and and do flips and spins in the air now. Still a ways off from catching Bob, but he's taught me a lot about the various was you need to move to complete the moves.

Bob told me that the Apple Valley wrestling room was flooded because someone hit a sprinkler head with a dodge ball during a wrestling camp! Apparently there was about $80,000 in damages sustained.

My girlfriend just got a pair of violet colored contacts - it has to be one of the strangest colors ever (besides those Halloween contacts that have smiley faces and what not). The color looks so unnatural, but, they are rather pretty.

That android phone I got to check out the other day was the G2 - Google's next phone!

When does the UFC come to Minnesota?

I was just reading that Brock Lesnar would be taking on another college wrestling guy named Cain Velasquez. Velasquez is currently undefeated in mma with a record of 8-0.

Cain went to Arizona State and Brock went here at the U. Both were All-American's in wrestling - Brock won a national title.

The bout being fought in California is much closer to being considered a "home" fight for Velasquez than it is for Lesnar who lives in Minnesota pretty much year round, I think.

I would be very surprised if Cain was able to upset Lesnar, despite his currently unblemished record. He could prove me wrong if he can out strike Lesnar and keep him standing as much as possible.

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