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BP 8 & 9

Aids Presentation.
They gave a lot of information on the actual disease and how it can be transmitted and prevented. Most of it was information we’ve all heard again and again, but I had never heard that it could not be transmitted through tattoos and piercings, or through feces and vomit.

The only real way for this disease to be prevented is by reaching and educating children. You can provide materials to cut down on the spread of disease, but it will all go to waste unless you can educate the masses.

There are traditional ways of educating people through schools, or by bringing them into clinics, but that can be overwhelming to be singled out for this education session. One way to make it more casual is to have group discussions, such as going into refugee camps and addressing the whole camp, as to not single anyone out.

Sanitation also plays a key role in eliminating AIDS. The clean water situation in Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia is terrible. In order for people with the disease to battle it, they need to be in a clean – safe environment.

Sustainability Presentation

This group showed us eight ways for us to lessen our environmental footprint. Their proposals seemed as though they were directed to people only living in the United States. I was under the impression that the Millennium Development Goals were intended for developing nations, not developed nations. Either way, their recommendations are as follows:

1 - Heat your house more efficiently
2 - Recycle
3 - Conserve light energy consumption
4 - Use energy efficient appliances
5 - Personal garden / compost pile
6 - Bamboo fiber clothing
7 - Bio fuels
8 - Hybrid cars

Going green does have it's benefits, even though it does cost more money in initial start-up.