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By Lauren Regnier

The Star Tribune posts photos, videos, audio, and podcasts. Sometimes these things stand alone. There is usually a sentence or two next to the video, photo, etc. describing that it's about. A lot of their stories on the homepage are paired with a photo and a short excerpt of the story under it. This helps to draw the reader in. It gives them a visual, which is more appealing than text.

Next to the videos they right a short paragraph describing what the video is about. This writing differs from the excerpts that are matched with the photo in that it doesn't have actual reporting. It basically just describes what will be shown in the video, and then leaves the video to tell the story.

The New York Times has a lot more multimedia options. They have slideshows which tell a story through pictures that are matched with a sentence or two. The writing is very clear and concise. It usually describes what is happening in the photo or information about what the event was.

This approach is nice for visual people because it can tell a whole story basically through pictures. It also gives you a better sense of what's going on because it's almost as if you were there.

Overall, I feel that video clips, photos, and other forms of multimedia give the reader more information to have a better understand of what is going on.

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Lauren: You are doing a great job with the blog. Keep it up. GG

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