Analysis: Two-day story

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By Lauren Regnier

When comparing the two-day Star Tribune story about the OccupyMN demonstration, they were structured similarly, but the information in them were very different. There wasn't a lot of information in day one's story that showed up again in the day two's story.

Both of the stories have a one-sentence introduction line right below the headline and above a video clip that briefs what the story will be about. These somewhat act like a shortened lead. However, day one's story has an actual lead describing what the protest is about, where and when it took place, and who was involved. Day two's story places day one's lead further down in the story and starts out the story with new information regarding one of the protestors.

Both of the stories advance through the events of the demonstration in a somewhat chronological order of what happened as each day progressed. They both use lots of quotes from the protestors to tie together each idea. Because of this, there isn't really any information in day two's story from day one's Instead, day two's story advances the news by reporting on how many people are still participating and what their thoughts are about the situation.

I don't believe that day two's story was a response to a competing news organization. It doesn't mention any other organizations in the story. Rather, it's an addition to information in its original covering of the demonstration.

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