Denmark imposed world's first "fat tax"

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By Lauren Regnier

Denmark is imposing what is believe to be the world's first "fat tax" on fatty food in an attempt to get its citizens to eat healthier.

Rates will correspond with the percentage of fat contained in the food, reported CBS News. The value is about $3 for every 2.2 pounds of saturated fat.

Danes emptied the shelves of grocery stores in order to stock up on their favorite foods before the tax went into effect on Saturday, reported ABC News.

Increased fees on things like sugar, fat and tobacco is important in paving the way to a higher life expectancy, said health minister Jakob Axel Nielson in a report by CBS News.

However, some Danes are skeptical that the tax will create change.

The tax should complement more affordable healthy foods said Monika Kosinska, the secretary general of the European Public Health Alliance, in a report from ABC News.

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