Light rail construction worker loses hand and foot in accident

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By Lauren Regnier

A light rail construction worker was rushed into surgery Tuesday morning after his equipment tipped over, trapping him

The accident happened around 11 a.m. near 15th Ave. S and 4th St. S in Minneapolis, reported Kare 11.

project spokeswoman Laura Baenen said that other constructions workers used a front-end loader to move equipment off the trapped worker's right leg, reported the Star Tribune.

The man's right hand and right foot were amputated during surgery at the Hennepin County Medical Center, reported the Star Tribune.

The worker is employed at Ames Construction, reported Kare 11. His identity has yet to be released.

This is one of two "time-loss" injuries that have happened since work on the Central Corridor project began in Sept. 2009, reported the Star Tribune. The first happened in June when a worker injured here hand while operating a drill on the Washington Ave. bridge, Baenen.

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