Lady Gaga visits White House to discuss bullying

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By Lauren Regnier

The eccentric pop star, Lady Gaga, visited the White House Tuesday to discuss prevention of bullying in schools.

Gaga was welcomed by Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett who praised her as "a source of strength for many young people who feel isolated and scared at their schools," reported the Washington Post.

She met with Obama administration staffers on the issue, but did not have a chance to meet with the President because he was traveling in Kansas for a speech on the economy, reported the Washington Post.

In a White House blog post Jarrett said, "Lady Gaga has described this cause as a personal one," reported ABC News. "She has said that as a child, she was often picked on for being different."

Gaga connected with the MacArthur Foundation and Harvard University to start the Born This Way Foundation, which will promote child safety in schools, ABC News.

Jarrett said the administration was looking forward to supporting the foundation, reported Washington Post.

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