President Joseph Kabila re-elected

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By Lauren Regnier

Provisional results published by Congo's election commission declared President Joseph Kabila the winner of the Democratic Republic for another term Friday, with nearly half of the votes from the 18.14 million votes cast.

He received 49 percent of the votes, while his opponent, veteran opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi, received 32 percent, reported BBC News.

Tshisekedi's supporters said they would take the streets if Kabila won, reported the Star Tribune.

Riot police are patrolling the streets in the capital, which is known for as an opposition stronghold, reported BBC News.

When people in the eastern city of Goma heard of Kabila's re-election, they started the celebrate in the streets, reported BBC News.

The results must still be approved in the Supreme Court, reported the Star Tribune.

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