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Lakeville Mother Charged in with her Baby's Death

Katherine Bodem, 38, was charged with 2nd-degree manslaughter in the drowning death of her 11-month old daughter on October 10. Bodem had claimed that she just left her daughter with her 2-year old brother while she went to look at shoes online for just a few minutes. When police got access to her computer they saw various websites and surf engines relating to shoes had been accessed for over 19 minutes before the 911 call was made according to the Pioneer Press.
Neighbors have stated that they have on numerous occasions tried to contact Le Suer and Dakota county Social Services in regards to Bodem's self-absorbed behavior but have always been told no laws have been broken. Todd and Christine Redmann, former neighbors of the Bodems have said, “"As professionals, both with experience in the mental health field, the signs were clear to us. Kathy often displayed indications of disordered thought -- at times grandiose and manic, and at other times listless and with almost complete disregard for everything and everyone around her." (Star Tribune)