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New 35W Bridge Comes With High Price Tag

After the Minneapolis 35W bridge collapse in August, the federal government approved $250 million to go towards the cost of replacing the bridge.
MnDOT had originally estimated the new replacement bridge would cost around $393 million, leaving the state to come up with an additional $143 million to go towards the construction according to the Star Tribune. This new estimate has brought many concerns to a hearing by the Transportation Contingent Appropriation Group on October 1. One particular concern is the fact that Minnesota has only received $55 million of the promised money from the federal government. MnDOT would like to start rebuilding the bridge later this month and needs money for immediate expenses.
Kevin Gray, the Minnesota Department of Transportation's chief financial officer said that early estimates did not factor in: on-site cleanup, diverting traffic and stepping up the state's bridge safety checks according to the Pioneer Press.