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River By Bridge Collapse Open to Boaters

The Mississippi River reopended to reacreational boaters on Saturday at 3p.m. along Lock and Dam 1, close to where the 35W bridge collapse happened. That part of the river had been closed to boaters since the bridge collapse. The river had to be deemed safe before it could reopen to the public. According to the Pioneer Press ,Chief Petty Officer Kelly Dentry of the U.S. coast gaurd had this to say, ""Contractors for (the Minnesota Department of Transportation) swept the bottom of the river to find any additional debris and they didn't find any."
According to the Star Tribune the ban had started to relax over the past few weeks, at first barges from two local companies were allowed to use certian parts of the river to transport goods, then on Friday other commercial boats such as tour boats were allowed through.
Dentry also said, "We've been anxious to make this happen because so many people are calling us wanting to make that trip to enjoy the fall colors." (Star Tribune)