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Seattle Woman Survives Being Trapped in Car a Week

On September 20, thirty-three-year old Tanya Rider, a Washington Seattle native, drove her Honda Element SUV down a steep ravine in King County Washington, and crashed. She was on her way home from work and was trapped inside of her vehicle after the crash. She claims she made a 911 call and no one answered or came to her rescue. The King County sheriff's department is denying that a phone call was received. Tanya's husband, Tom Rider, contacted the sheriff's office to report his wife missing. Sheriff Sue Rahr, stated they can not take every missing persons case seriously because most missing adults do not want to be found.
Tanya was found in her vehicle on September 27 after police used cell phone tracking technology on her phone. She was alive and still trapped inside. The roof of her vehicle had to be cut open to get to her. She suffered kidney failure, dehydration, a badly injured left leg, a broken collar bone and a deep gash on her forehead, according to the Seattle Times.
Tanya Rider blames her husband, Tom, for not finding her soon enough and Tom blames the King County Sheriff's department for not finding her soon enough. Rahr said, "I want to know if he tried to report this and we made a mistake. If we made a mistake, we're going to address that." (CNN)


Always have a few bottles of water in the car incase something like this happens to you.