In the context of the value system of a university
Conrad Weiser, defined scholarship as,

"Scholarship creates something that did not exist before that is validated and communicated to others: new understanding in the minds of students, new knowledge about ourselves and our universe, new beauty that stimulates the senses, new insights, and new technologies and applications of knowledge that can benefit humankind."

Conrad J. Weiser. The Value System of a University - Rethinking Scholarship, College of Agricultural Sciences, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 97331, USA, 3/7/96 from

Two questions come to mind:

How does Conrad Weiser’s definition of scholarship resonate with the values of the Regional Development Partnerships?

This makes me think about research based work. Many companies and organizations base their work on research. How many companies or organizations value the creation of new knowledge and use that as the currency for success? For me scholarship is alive, the partnerships with citizen involvement make it rich and exciting. I like the idea of citizens working with the University to create new insights, ways of being and doing things. I believe that I must go beyond basing my work on research and be involved in the creation of new knowledge with citizens as partners in the process.

Why is the University connection vital to the success of the partnerships?

Dean Durgan noted at our SCC meeting on February 7 that without this connection our work could be duplicated by others. I have a difficult time imaging the work of the partnerships without the University connection.