The forest.

While Justin has been keeping himself busy with sundry activities, I haven't exactly been sitting on my ass. At least not all day. I've been admiring mountain ranges: 
To the seaLittle Big Range
A view of earth from 1m 
 Here's some course woody debris: 
Woody debris 
 Here's some leaf litter: 
Leaf litter 
 I've also been thinking a lot about fungi. Here's a mycotroph, the Spotted Coralroot Orchid I found in the woods. Unlike other plants, these orchids get all of there nutrition and energy from the association with mycorrhizal fungi. The fungi decompose wood and leaf litter, giving the nutrients to plants in exchange for carbohydrates. The orchids however take both the carbs and the nutrients from the fungi, so it's kind of like they're parasitizing other plants. Super awesome! 
Spotted Coralroot Orchid --------

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