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Analysis Entry on Attribution: "Woman Found Dead Near Motorcycle, Cops Suspicious"

This was a local news story from the WCCO site.

I thought that this story was a good example for looking at attribution because the writer uses a few different types of attribution. The story begins by attributing authorities in a short paraphrase. In the third paragraph these authorities are described more specifically.
It is obvious that the author has taken time to interview several different sources. Neighbors, authorities and the victim's father are all used in this story.
A direct quote is only used once and it has a lot of impact because it is a quote from the victim's father regarding the arrest of the victim's boyfriend. This is not something the author would want to paraphrase:

"I didn't want to believe it. I've known him a long time," said the victim's father Jeff Waalen, who's known Boland for about 10 years. -WCCO

The punction is also used correctly in this example of a direct quote.
I would consider revising this attribution based on what we learned in class:

Neighbors said officers spent about 12 hours going through the house Friday. -WCCO

I would have written it "Officers spent about 12 hours going through the house Friday said neighbors." I do not think it is import to introduce the neighbors first in this sentence. It is more important that the police spent 12 hours going through the house.
One more note: This story and a similar one produced by Fox News give two different ages of the victim. It would be interesting to find out where each news agency got their information on the victim.