Nature vs. Nurture

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             The topic of psychology of which I will be elaborating on is the Nature-Nurture debate. I know that our textbook states that this debate really doesn't exist anymore because it is clear that both nature and nurture play a huge role in human development and behavior (Lilienfeld 34).

             Nature can be defined in psychology as our natural behavior; this is caused by our genetics, or what we have inherited from our birth parents and ancestors. Nurture, can be defined as how we are brought up and raised. Our behavior has a lot to do with both of these subjects and the use of adoption, family, and twin studies help to understand both nature and nurture much more. 

            In my high school Intro to Psychology course, my teacher showed us an NBC Dateline news episode about the topic of nature vs. nurture. It featured two twin men, separated at birth, living at opposite sides of the country and having the same occupation, and many of the same attributes of their lives. Cases like these show us that nature is a huge component in how humans behave. I couldn't find the Dateline episode on the Internet anywhere, but happened to come across this link.

This blog includes many cases of twins similar to the men I originally learned about. However I do not have any stories of this that personally relate to me, hearing about cases like these makes me very interested in the whole debate. There are some firm believers in the world of both sides of this debate. 

Which do you think plays a bigger factor in human behavior?

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