Testing, testing: Moon illusion version

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Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 12.18.58 AM.pngI am just confirming that I can post pictures and write posts on section 26's blog. I thought this was a stunning example of the moon illusion about which we will learn more during Sensation & Perception lectures this week.

In order to post, the trick seems to be to get to the system overview. That involves starting at UThink (you can google it!) then "start blogging'. Once on the system overview, you can use the "Create" menu in the system overview and choose "entry" (that option gave me a full array of functions--post links, post photos, upload articles.) A second way seems to be to use the tab for "write entry" but I don't know (and can't check at the moment,) if that gives the full array of post options--images, links and so on.

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