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Hypnosis takes your mind off chronic pain

In chapter five we learned that hypnosis helps people alter their perceptions, thoughts, and feelings. Most of the time a hypnotist will use an induction method, the classic "You are getting sleepy" kind of stuff.
I think hypnosis is pretty neat. At my high school's all night grad party we had a hypnotist come and hypnotize some of the kids in my class and it was extremely funny but I had no idea how it worked! In the chapter I really liked learning about the myths of hypnosis! I was really shocked to learn that hypnotized people aren't unaware of their surroundings, I thought they had no idea what was going on, but when my classmates were hypnotized they all knew what was around them and didn't get hurt and run into things.
The article I chose to read about was how people with chronic pain could use hypnosis to help get rid of their pain by influencing the cortical areas of their brain. Some people are afraid to try a new approach, but I think that if it can help them get rid of their pain, then it's worth a shot!254573_10150206777598542_520078541_7285687_5085261_n.jpgThis is a picture from my all night grad party. In it, the hypnotist just told my classmates that they were all extremely cold!

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