Lucid Dreaming - Dan Hodac - Assignment # 2

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I found chapter 5 of the Lilenfeld textbook to be quite intriguing. My favorite part was when they mentioned Lucid Dreaming. Lucid dreaming is when a person is dreaming but is aware that he/she is dreaming, thus giving them some to total control of their dreams as well as an improved dream recall due to its realness and vividness. The reason for my giddiness is that I have recently been trying to practice lucid dreaming. Yes! you heard me right! One can actually practice it. Turns out that lucid dreaming is actually a skill and not an inherent trait or disorder. Below is a link with some steps on how to practice for lucid dreaming.

Despite it being considered a skill, there are also some that have a "knack" for it. In other words, they don't need to practice to achieve it. Because many of these people do not even know what lucid dreaming is, some psychologists have theorized that lucid dreaming could be the cause of peoples claims of an out-of-body-experience or alien abductions ( 1 and 2 ). For out of body experiences, it is possible that a person had a lucid dream. Since lucid dreams are very vivid, the person may have been confused and thought that it was a real out of body experience, and that when they wake up, it is when their "soul" has returned to their body. An explanation for the claims of alien abductions could also be lucid dreaming. After watching a movie on aliens, such as that awesome Steven Spielberg movie about aliens :D , that person might have had a dream about being abducted by aliens. And that dream just happened to be a lucid dream. Being that the person would have some controls over their dreams, if they had expected to or are afraid of being abducted by aliens, its very possible that they could have had a lucid dream about it. 

The only problem for these claims is that they can't be proved, neither the claims nor the explanations. With the current technologies, scientists are unable to tell whether or not the person is having a lucid dream. Therefore, there is no way to tell if the person who claimed to be abducted by aliens actually had a lucid dream or not.  

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