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The irony of me writing this is that it took me about three hours to even begin this blog entry. In fact, many people suffer from procrastination in their every day lives. Procrastination is a form of what psychologists call "self sabotage". It is known as the gap between what we intend to do, and how we act upon our intentions. We plan to act, but when we finally set ourselves down to work, we find an excuse to cause unnecessary delay. The following video shows an example of what someone could do to avoid their homework or making payments. 

Procrastination link 

I can honestly say that I myself procrastinate all the time. In the first sentence of this post, I mentioned that it took me three hours to even start typing from when I opened the "Create->Entry." But since I posted that link above, I was subject to many distractions. These included checking my Facebook or Twitter, eating, playing Catch Phrase with the family, and now I find myself another three hours later continuing this post. This example is one out of three reasons why people procrastinate. They tell themselves "oh I'll just do it later" but later never shows up until the last minute.


Because procrastination is not only common in college students, but middle school and high school students as well, it is important to know ways to over come procrastination and get stuff done. One example would be to create a list of things that you need to have done for the week. Assign deadlines for each task. Tell someone what your goal is for each task to give yourself a motivation to complete it and not have to face a sense of failure. Lastly you could reward yourself. Go do something like checking Facebook or browsing YouTube after you finish your task. Following these easy steps is just one example on how to overcome procrastination.

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