Physical Discipline in Different Cultures - #5 - Toan Chu

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The issue of using physical discipline in child rearing is controversial to many cultures in society today. Appropriate child rearing is important to child development and practices are different ranging from all over the world. Some people accept the concept of physical discipline as a means of rearing your child, but on the other hand, many believe that physical discipline causes children to become aggressive and anxious. 

Here is an interesting article published in the Child Development Journal explaining a study of how disciplinary actions affect children from six different countries. --->

This study found many interesting notions and conclusions. Universities from all around the world questioned 336 mothers from the following countries: China, India, Italy, Kenya, The Philippines, and Thailand. To sum up their conclusions, they ordered these countries from least likely to physically discipline to most likely starting with China, the Philippines, Italy, India, to Kenya.  They also concluded that physical discipline was less correlated with child aggression and anxiety when the discipline was more culturally accepted. Overall, in all countries they found that children who received physical discipline showed more aggression and anxiety in life. 

To me this study was interesting because I expected a different order for physical discipline among the countries surveyed. As a child growing up, I was physically disciplined but physical discipline in Vietnam is culturally accepted. In my opinion, being physically disciplined as a child has created me into a person who makes better choices. I feel like I listen to my parents more compared to other people my age. I believe that physical discipline is different from child abuse and child violence. You are teaching your kids right and wrong when you discipline them, but under certain measures. Physical discipline remains controversial today and cultural practices are always changing.

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