A Concept I Will Remember - Memory

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Thus far, the most fascinating concept I've learned about in Psychology 1001 was learning about memory. I had never realized how important memory is to intelligence. I believe that it has the single largest influence on intelligence. It's constantly used. 
The most important concept I learned about is the three stages of learning: sensory memory, which lasts only for a few instants, short-term memory, which lasts up to twenty seconds, and long-term memory, which is indefinite in size and duration. I found short-term memory the most fascinating. It is our working memory - it is all that we think in. My mind was blown when I read that, but it makes a lot of sense. We retrieve long-term memories and take in our sensory information with our short-term memory. This means that our thinking can only remember a detail for up to 20 seconds without thinking deeper on it or at least restating it. What could our society be like if we could think for 60 seconds...or 60 minutes? 
Also, the psychology book had a lot of tips for helping to remember things. One was about levels of processing. The more we process information, the better we remember it. Semantic processing, in particular, means adding meaning to concepts, instead of just memorizing material. 

*Sorry for the late entry. This is now the 5th try submitting and the 2nd time writing it up. 

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