Stress, Coping, and Heath- Chapter 12

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After briefly looking through the table of contents, Chapter 12 caught my eye: Stress, Coping, and Health. Within this chapter topics such as how we adapt to stress, how the body reacts to stress, and how we cope with stress are all talked about. I am interested in this chapter because I believe stress is a constant factor in my life and I am curious to learn more about it. In this chapter specifically it talks about the how no two stresses are alike and how I can be particularly difficult to measure. This too intrigues me because I am interested to learn about all the different things that are common to cause stress in other individuals' lives and how they can overcome stressful situations. In addition to the life altering stressors there are everyday hassles that too can cause extreme stress. Overall, I believe this chapter will be the most intriguing because I can personally relate to it. fit59.png

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