Chapter 16 - Psychological and Biological Treatments

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Chapter 16 on psychological and biological treatments was the most appealing to me. This chapter examines the different techniques used to improve the lives of individuals with mental disorders. With all the mental disorders that affect the population, it 's fascinating to discover the innovative treatments.
One interesting part of the chapter was on the Dodo bird verdict, where there was a question as to whether or not psychotherapies actually work. They wondered if a client would progress at the same rate regardless if they were in therapy or not. It was concluded that psychotherapy does work at "alleviating human suffering" according to the text, although there are still some researchers in support of it. It's hard to imagine that all the therapies available to the public could ultimately be a waste of time and money.
Because I work at Fraser Child and Family Center, I get first hand experience with some of the therapies used for people dealing with psychological disorders, in this case, those on the autism spectrum. Some of the common therapies that take place during the day treatment program here are occupational therapy, speech therapy, music therapy, as well as working on individual skills with the children. From my experience here, no intervention has the possibility to result in very little progress or even a regression. It's remarkable to see how these techniques can improve their overall wellbeing.

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