Human Development by Brandon McNellis

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From zygote to baby. That phrase, is what covers the main basis of Chapter 10. When looking at the different chapters throughout the textbook, this specific chapter jumped to my attention. It is quite amazing how two human beings can create another, and the deep complicated scientific process that goes into actually creating another human. Everything ranges from genes, brain development, characteristics, and the different stages that a toddler goes through after being born. I mean, everyone has been through it, haven't they? We don't remember pooping our own pants back in the diaper days, but it happened to the best of us. We all went through adolescence and puberty, and this chapter focuses on the study of a human being being created. One of the main concepts throughout the chapter covers premature babies. A mature baby is born around 40 weeks, where a premature baby is born 36 or before. We can all relate to this instance, because if we don't have friends who have had this case when being born, I'm sure we have seen someone who has been prematurely born around campus with 50,000+ people. "Preemies" the term for a premature baby, have underdeveloped lungs and brains and often have harder times being involved in every day activities.


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