Multiple Intelligences

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In different cultures intelligence is measured differently. For example, A Chinese elder versus an American scholar, both could impart wisdom on the people around them, but who is regarded with higher intelligence by their culture? There are different ways of being smart or having intelligence. People can be intelligent linguistically, musically, athletically, or naturalistically. As well as analytically, practically, or creatively. Commonly in the United we hear either book smart or street smart, or even some people are both. In turn, one popular way to calculate how smart someone is, is by having them take an IQ test. IQ tests are one of psychology's most famous tests. Psychologists can use these results and predict life outcomes and predict the situations where the person grew up in based on their results. Although not necessarily extremely valid, the scores do reflect patterns. Whether it is that the person is from a big family or a small family, the eldest in their family or the youngest, and even if their parents have high IQs or not. In popular culture there are lots of widely used and advertised IQ boosters, but it is proven these are not very accurate but yet people still take them.
As important as intelligence arithmetically is creative and emotional intelligence. Emotional psychology today is a popular topic to study. The ability to understand emotion of both yourself and of others and apply it to life is quite astonishing. In many work places they are taking strides to try and boost the emotional intelligence of their employees. As well as the importance of wisdom. Wisdom is more than just intelligence, it is the application of it. Intelligence is more than simply knowing or succeeding in school. People can be intelligent in so many different ways, in some senses it is hard to compare.


For example, Chris Langan was a child prodigy, got a perfect 1600 on the SAT, won NBC's game "1 vs. 100", and has an IQ test that can only be estimated. Yet, he only yearns to earn a doctorate.

(Chapter 9 of Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding)

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htHappiness is an integral part of emotional intelligence. As long as you are happy you have a better mindset of your personal goals in life.

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