Myths about Mental Illness

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I opened our Psychology text book to the table of contents and glanced over the titles of each chapter, looking for one that stuck out to me and seemed interesting. As I got toward the bottom I saw that chapter 15 was about Psychological disorders. I knew I'd be interested in this topic because it is a way to explain why people act the way they do and act what most people would refer to as outside the norm. When scanning the chapter I saw that it covered many different disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, and Schizophrenia, but one topic within the chapter that stuck out to me was Mental Illness and Violence. I love watching shows on TV. about real-life murderers and reading articles in magazines about people who "went crazy" and committed Crimes. I find it quite interesting.rants124yates10.jpg
An example of this in the book is that of Andrea Yates who killed her five children and was acquitted because she pleaded insanity. Many people try to plead for insanity but our psychology book actually informs us that most people with psychological disorders are actually not violent and only a very few percent actually commit violent acts.

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