Personality: Not Permanent --Christie Kleen

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The chapter on Personality struck me in many ways. As a transfer student here to the University, I remember who I was before coming here and who I am in the present. Moving here was scary, exciting, adventurous, but mostly what changed my personality and how I interact in the world. Personality is people's typical ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. A brief background of me before transferring was happy but not totally satisfied in the college experience I was getting. After my transfer, I am now more outgoing, successful in my career, focused, and rational. I now have proof that one's personality is not permanent and people do change. I agree with the text that social surrounding and our environment influence your personality. More proof of this after scanning the chapter would be to examine the different stages in life that you go through: Baby, Child, Teenager, Young Professional, and Adult. The way people think, feel, and behave is different and constantly changing throughout the stages of people's lives. Environment also plays a role in the change. I was unaware of the correlation between personality and surroundings until I threw myself into a completely unknown experience and living situation. The changes were definitely worth it. Change is never easy, especially when it deals with the core of who someone is.


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Even after learning this chapter, I guess I never really thought about how a person's personality changes. Now that I think about it I agree. I've heard about people being friends in high school and then drifting apart during their first year of college or even all four. I didn't believe it could happen. I'd have to say my first year of college I didn't see it but now talking to my old friends from high school I can see how their personality has changed and I'm vaguely aware of how I've changed though I believe I'd have to hang out with the people I was closest to in high school to really be able to identify how I've changed.

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