A 2-dimensional wormhole

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A three dimensional hole to another dimension? Wrong. The light at the end of a dark tunnel? Wrong. Instead, how about a series of different colored, narrowing circular bands consistently moving to the left with a small circle of "light" at the "end." Our perception brings us to believe something that's untrue based on the principles that the system abides by. The main perceptual ideas being displayed by this picture are the monocular cues discussed in our text including the perspective cue (the property of converging lines creating depth perception which in this case are the bands converging), and the familiar size cue (where we see the light portion as small and thus far away). In reality, the spot of light at the so called end of the tunnel is actually just as close to us as the rest of the rings in the two dimensional drawing. The reason it looks so far away is because it is smaller than the rest of the rings which brings us to believe from the real world that it's farther away. Also, an interesting tactic used by the artist is that of the differing rings of color. Since they're distinct rings, we find it easier to falsely determine that it's a three dimensional figure. Our perceptual system can lead us astray at times, so it's important to reevaluate at times when one is unsure.


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This reminds me of a haunted house attraction that I went through a few years ago. We had to walk through this spinning room on a small path. The first illusion it created was that we had to walk a farther distance to reach the end than we actually did. The second illusion was that it made you feel like you were walking slanted and made you quite dizzy. This also reminds me of an optical illusion house that I visited in Wisconsin Dells as a child. One illusion was a chair balanced on a ledge against a wall. I'm not sure how they achieved this. I find it interesting that people are willing to spend money on all of these optical illusions like fun houses and magic shows.

I think that the reason that so many people are willing to spend time and money on creating and viewing these illusions is because we are enamored by the possibility of making the impossible seem plausible. Simply by using geometry and time, this person was able to create something otherworldly. I don't think that our minds are struggling to decide whether or not the image is indeed 3D, as we know it isn't. It's on a screen. I think that what we find so fascinating is the idea of using the tools we have to make things that our minds would never encounter without creativity.

Another great illusion! I believe that visual illusions are very exciting and actually a fun thing to do when passing time. Also, I know much of America feels the same way. Humans can be very skeptical, as we know and should be. Having a book with things for us to prove wrong is something many people enjoy. Seeing different things, making something seem something it is not, these things fascinate me and many people. These illusions will continue to be popular, and I really hope that one day, I will see how people draw these, and figure them out!

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