ESP: Proven by science!

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esp.gifI couldn't help but be skeptical of the title of this article when I stumbled across it: Scientific Proof ESP is Real, as featured on After reading the article I found that it made extraordinary claims which are not able to be dis-proven or replicated.
The Article states that "scientists" have recently defined the material world to be not as solidly connected as previously thought. The anonymous author went on to briefly refer to one-liners from super string theory, quote a single line from Einstein, and one word from Schrodinger and used this to support his idea that materials at an atomic level can be interconnected even at a distance. The author does well to question whether or not all of this could be true, but he answered his own questions, interpreting his quotations and research, concluding that there is "substantial evidence paranormal experiences are both real and normal."
This article made extraordinary claims without providing sufficient evidence to support those claims. It Presented a conclusion that could not be disproved and also didn't rule out any alternative possibilities for explaining the phenomena which he had observed.


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After reading the article I'm shocked at how ridiculously extravagant its claims are. Although I feel like I would have noticed this before PSY 1001, it isn't until now, after learning about fallacies, that I truly realize how often authors use fancy lingo and quote unrelated scientists just to make their own claims look better. The worst part is that, the website looks reliable, yet they have published a very controversial article. This opens my eyes to how careful I need to be before believing everything I read. I am definitely going to think about the falsifiability and repeatability of claims from now on!

As I was reading this article, I was surprised at just how vague this anonymous author could be while explaining something that seemed so comprehensive. Being "entangled" and having connectedness with particles to form ESP in a matter of 8 very short paragraphs? This was also apparent in the fact that "some scientists" had virtually no research or evidence for any of these claims. Serves as a reminder to how weary society has to be of what is posted on the internet, as well as the background of so called "experts"

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