Mind Your Step or Mind Your Eyes?

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Walking by this 3D image on the pavement you may not notice that you are falling off the cliff or whether you yourself should be saving someone. Think again. It is all just an illusion that a team of artists have created in the middle of a busy city. This 3D illusion makes one think they have just falling to their death, but in fact they have fallen for a trick of bystanders watching above. The artists have made the angles, lines, and shading of the image appear to the eye as real life. Hundreds of innocent, yet gullible, citizens fell to this illusion. Can you blame them? Our brain is just doing its job. We are seeing this image as a whole rather in parts. The shading of the image is what allows this image to be perceived in our minds as a real cliff that we are falling off of. Our brains attempt to make sense of this illusion and finally come to the conclusion that you are on level ground and not a cliff.


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This illusion gets me every time. It is so unique to know that our brain sees a cliff, which is depth perception, but in reality it is 2D. So in a way our brain is doing more work then it has to. - Nicole Stewart

I think this illusion is so cool, it gets me every time. It is weird how our eyes can only see 2D but yet our brain allows us to see 3D. Since the chalk is only 2D our brain is technically doing more work than it has to which i find unique.

This illusion definitly utilizes the brain's monocular cues and manipulates them to create a sense of depth. By using pictorial cues such as texture gradient and linear perspective, the artists create an illusion. The artists use texture gradient by detailing the rocks that appear to be closest to us while the ones further away are less apparent. There is also a vanishing point; all the lines begin to converge as they go off in the distance. These two cues create depth but there is one cue the artists didn't account for and that is the relative size cue. It is clear that this is only an illusion because if it were real, the two men would be relatively the same size because they are the same distance away; however, the man who appears to be hanging from the cliff is much bigger which suggests that he is closer to the viewer and that it is only an illusion.

I would, and actually have, fallen for this kind of trick! I was just walking along, texting on my cellphone when all of the sudden I realized the ground below me had changed colors. I flipped out and almost fell on my butt. After quickly reevaluating my situation, I found out that this was just an illusion and my mind had fallen to prey. It's interesting how quickly the brain can think one thing instinctually, but change its mind in the same second.

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