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weed.jpgDrugs. They are a sin for some and a death sentence for many. What do you think of though when you hear someone talking about drug abuse? Does meth come to mind? A group of potheads in a dark alley? Maybe even bottles of prescription drugs spilled all over the counter? Here's the scoop on what's really going on.

Whether illegal or legal, drugs can bring satisfaction to many abusers. They take you away from the stresses of the real-world putting you in a sense of euphoria. All emotional and physical pain is relieved but only temporary. Once the feelings wear off, users feel a need for more. They become tolerant to an initial dosage and require more of the drug to experience the same "high" feeling. Depending on the drug, receptors in the brain will either inhibit or permit the drug to pass through the nerve receptors and on to the brain. From here, the brain will interpret the drug and respond accordingly. As expected, many drugs come with different side effects: some allow for hallucinations while others are pain relievers.

To relate, I have seen a large gamut of drug abuse. I have family and friends that choose to overdose on legal and illegal drugs. It personally pains me to see them harm themselves in this way. In my opinion, I don't agree with the usage of street drugs or the abuse of prescription medications. I think that this is not only harmful to the user but to their family and friends as well, especially consider the health risks and psychological damage.


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I agree in that usage and abuse of prescription medications and street drugs is harmful and detrimental to the health and wellness of those who use them. The positive effects are few to none, and only temporary when you look at the negative effects that result out of long term drug abuse. However, if I've found out anything through high school and now college, it's that users do not care. Furthermore, they will not stop using and abusing such substances just because someone tells them too, they seriously have to WANT to get better with all of their being. This fact saddens me because many people are aware of the consequences associated with drug abuse, but do not care because of the numbing sensation, euphoria or thrill it brings to their life.

I think it is important that you mentioned not only the affects of the drugs on the user, but the affects of drugs on the user's family and friends as well. So many times when people talk about drugs and addiction in the news and so forth, we forget to discuss the people in the lives of the drug abusers. It has also been interesting to watch the trending of prescription drug abuse over the last couple years. It can only leave one to wonder, what's going to be next? As college students, as much as some may not like to admit, these issues will be around for awhile and it is important for everyone to remain informed and be able to make wise decisions.

Interesting blog! I really like how you incorporate varying perspectives into this piece concerning the subject of drug use on how the issue not only affects the user but also those around them. I also have personal experience with family and friends who have chosen to abuse illegal and legal drugs. The most interesting part to me is that the ones that have quit the habit and are attempting to clean up their act and get their life back together acknowledge the mistakes they made and tell me to never get involved. They have described how drugs do control your life because of the change in the tolerance level. They could never get enough so getting drugs became their main priority. They tell me all the time that while it was satisfying while doing the drugs, when they look back they wish they had never gotten involved. It is important to learn from their mistakes because even though using prescription and street drugs might seem like the right thing to do at the time, the negative aftereffects tend outweigh the benefits.

While I do agree that drug use affects not only the user but those around them I find it hard to classify all drugs as being bad and influencing those in negative ways. To bring to mind the classic marijuana debate, time and time again I see examples through my own life and friends of alcohol being an addicting substance and causing abuse, dependence, and even death rather than marijuana being the Schedule 1, deadly drug that its supposed to be. Rather I see more of the problem being with the person who consumes the drug rather than the drug itself. People who have a higher risk of abuse tend to be the ones abusing the drugs as opposed to others. With that being said maybe the focus needs to be more on the psychology of dependence and abuse rather than the drugs themselves causing the addiction.

I agree that abuse of drugs - legal or illegal - brings more harm than anything else. The harm is brought upon the user, the users friends and family, as well as society as a whole. I like that you added your personal relations to the matter as well as explained the process of abuse and addiction. It is definitely a tough decision for the users and their families to admit that there is in fact a problem there - most are stuck in denial. But knowledge of the facts, which I think you did a great job explaining, is what helps people to do so. I believe that being educated on the matter is the best way to fight it. Without the facts, nobody will know of ways to combat the issue and grow past it so I think even a blog like this can help a few individuals fight such an addiction whether it is mild or on the verge of major consequences.

I'm going to but a little twist on your blog post. I think some drugs are far worse than alcohol but that sometimes, drugs can be the lesser evil. One easy example would be prescriptive drugs, which can help people tremendously when used the right way. The majority of the time prescriptive drugs cause deaths is when they use too many. This is also true with almost any drug and alcohol. But the major argument I want to bring up is the Alcohol vs. Marijuana debate. Alcohol-related accidents cause many deaths yearly, even to people using it legally and intelligently. Many deaths also stem from drinking too much and getting alcohol poisoning. Marijuana has never had a death from an overdose. Though I could talk about this for a long time I think I shall keep the bulk of my argument for a time in the future when I can make my own blog post about it.

You have a very nice title and great blog post over all that attracts bloggers to read on! Congrats! I think the biggest reason that drugs are tried initially is due to peer pressure and a sense of adventure which ties in to your title (wanna join(t) me) very well. I also believe that the leading cause of continuing to abuse a certain drug is the fact that abusers often become dependent on them. The book talks about withdrawal effects that occur when the abuser stops taking the drug. These effects have the opposite outcomes that the drug had and are more than likely undesirable to the user. This makes it VERY hard for the abuser to quit because he or she does not want to go through the pains that occur during withdrawal.

First of all, I want to compliment on your creative title-way to go! In regards to the blog entry, I find your topic of drugs to be a great choice, with the great amount of controversy surrounding users and abuse today. It's a rather destructive cycle, just as you state. One harmless night with some friends who pressured you into use can turn into a lifetime of struggle and devastation if not given the proper attention. I also really like how you incorporated a bit of personal influences into your views, describing how drug abuse has not only affected some close to you but also yourself as a direct result of their abuse. It hurts to see those close to you hurting themselves in a downward-spiraling effect of drug abuse where simply quitting cold turkey will only bring devastating withdrawal effects. Sadly, once the dependency begins, a momentous effort is needed to produce a full recovery.

I have also had family and friends injured or killed from the abuse of drugs. It is a tough thing for everyone to see a loved one do that to themselves. I have to say that I agree that prescription drugs, when used correctly, are a great help to many people. The problem with most legal drugs is that people become "hooked" on them and then abuse them. It's sad to see but it happens every day.

I think drug abuse is definitely a big problem. Some people don't understand that the negatives outweigh the positives of abusing substances. Now don't get me wrong, prescription drugs can practically work miracles, but if not used correctly they can devastate people's lives. The few hours of relaxation, euphoria, hallucinations, or anything else that overdosing can supply is not worth having major health problems over!

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