Your Choice? Or Mine?

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We make decisions every day, whether it is to go left or right or to eat a burger or a salad. But what if someone made every decision for you? I personally would feel overpowered, unimportant and almost like a slave. Well we all must admit to ourselves that we are slaves - to an extent - to either nature or nurture depending what side of the debate you choose to take. I found an article regarding this debate, "Nature vs. Nurture: How Much Free Will Do We Really Have?", that is compiled of various psychological studies to get a firm grip on what the population believes in regards to this debate. It was noted in the article that certain results in the surveys are due to certain the backgrounds that the surveyed populations come from. The article does a great job assessing both sides of the argument and forming strong cases for both. However, one side is always preferred over the other. In my case, nurture seems like a much stronger argument than nature because while genetics do determine large portions of our lives and our composure, how we are raised and where usually has a more dramatic impact on how we choose to live our lives. So, even the proof found by researchers is at the center of the argument - did the people answer the survey out of free will or because they were inconspicuously told to? Overall, this isn't a debate that will end soon or end with a definite answer. I personally think that it will continue to be argued even if some sort of concrete proof is found. It is important to realize that children are very vulnerable in childhood, and very susceptible to habits, lifestyles and morals, so if they are raised in an environment that lacks morals and has an unhealthy lifestyle then they are much more likely to continue living this way and vice versa.


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I think what you wrote sounds very interesting for me because it is a very controversial issue about the relationship between nature and nurture.Looks like something in our real life is hard for us to chooce what we like or we can say that it is hard to make a decision. We are affected by the factors including nature and also the nurture. It is kinda difficulty deciding which one is more important for us. In my personal opinion, getting the better eduaction as nurture factor is more important for us because the background the physics can't be removed since we were born but our personality can be changed in the future. It is like a only choice that we can change better for ourselves. Therefore, nurture is a big part factor for human being development, I think.
In the end, it is a great topic:)

I definitely agree with your statement. Though genetics can play a part in how we act and behave, I too believe that our environment, who we were raised by and how we were raised, has an even stronger impact on why we are the way we are. However, I think many of us tend to only see just two sides of that debate; the obvious being the nature aspects such as our genes and the other nurture aspect such as how we were raised by biological or non-biological parents. The "environment" in which we speak of usually is in reference to things happening in-side the home but researches, as stated in this video link heats up this debate with even more fuel by suggesting another influential factor: the role of the surrounding culture. There is some controversy regarding that the more stronger social influences happen in places not inside the home but outside of it. That is, the school in which one receives their education or the city in which one resides is a factor in how we choose to behave or do the things that we do. It is in here that our minds have been shaped and molded to determine what we think is good or bad, cool or lame, which then guides our way of living.

I certainly agree with your take on the Nature vs. Nurture debate in the sense that people will definitely keep arguing about it, even when there is evidence to support either side. In fact, one could even say that we have reached that point, more or less. I think there is plenty of data out there that proves that our genetics have a huge impact on our behavior. There is also a great deal of data that displays the very opposite, that events in our lives affect us in the future. In fact, anyone can simply think about themselves and see this. Everyone experiences moments where they realize that they act incredibly like their parents (nature), and we all can identify with the idea of making decisions based on past experience. To me it's pretty clear that in the Nature vs. Nurture argument, the truth is that both sides are correct, both genetics and past events make us who we are.

In a class I had last year, we talked about how much free will we actually have as individuals. While people believe they make all decisions on their own, really they don't. Many factors go into a decision and a lot of the influences come from our society and culture, like what is acceptable? I feel that the people will never agree on the Nature vs. Nurture debate because of the evidence on both sides. Even when parents are raising their children, their parents(grandparents to the child) are giving their two cents worth on how the child should be raised. Their thoughts might also be dated. It all comes down to what the individual thinks is best. Some people are also good at giving a person an idea and making them believe they came up with it on their own.

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