Can Stress Really Do That?

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The concept in Psychology that I think I will remember five years for now is that of stress. I have been told that I am a very anxious person and that I need to relax countless of times. So for me, learning more about the mechanisms of stress and various coping strategies was really interesting and helpful. The types of control that spoke to me the most were behavioral and cognitive control. I learned how behavioral control is the ability to step up and do something to reduce the impact of the stressful situation or prevent its recurrence and that cognitive control is the ability to cognitively restructure or think differently about negative emotions that arise in response to stress provoking events. This is ideal because I have a particular problem with readjusting to things I cannot control or change. It was also an eye opener for me to see how stress truly does affect your health. Long term stressors are especially likely to promote an inflammatory response known to increase the risk of colds and other diseases. Even more astounding is the link between stress and coronary heart disease. Although it is only correlational, high levels of stress hormones triggered by extreme stress can lead to disruptions in normal heart rhythm and even sudden death, as well as atherosclerosis in people who are highly reactive to everyday stressors. These findings have made me want to cope with stress more effectively so that it never has the potential to take my life.



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I too have suffered from anxiety for the majority of my life, and I was surprised by some of the things I learned in this class regarding stressors. I found the chart on one of the pages of our textbook that ranked all of life's major stressors in order to be especially interesting. I was surprised by some of the way things were ranked though. Some of the 'high' stressors listed in the book seemed less stressful to me than some 'lower' stressors. It's important to remember that what one person might find to be not very stressful or problematic, another person may be struggling with a lot. It all depends on the person! Thanks for the post!

I thought the lesson of stress was also very helpful to study. I also did a long REP study that invovled stress where we had to watch videos with different stress techniniques, apply them to our lives, and keep journals on the progress. After this study I actually found myself applying these techniques to my everyday life because stress is always a common occurence, especially for college students.

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