Clowns are scary

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Clowns are scary. Examine the picture below. He may look colorful and cuddly- but he's a murderous one.


Coulrophobia- Fear of clowns. Some people consider this an irrational fear, and as rare as it is, I have a friend that panics and has an anxiety attack whenever she sees a clown or an image of a clown anywhere. Reading about phobias in chapter 15- it interested me that this is the most common of all anxiety disorders. Agoraphobia is surprising common, occurring in one in 20 people. This is the fear of social embarrassment. Social phobias are commonly experienced in the milder form- where you are afraid of speaking in public or presenting in front of a small group of people. Magnified by several times would bring you to experience a social phobia full scale. Showing up in public is difficult for people like this as they are constantly surrounded by people and feel the pressure of people watching them. Reading about phobias makes me exceedingly grateful that I live a relatively fear-free life.

But this opens up many other questions like whether phobias can be genetic and the different ways to deal with them. Genetic phobias could be connected to the evolutionary 'mild' fear most people experience when faced with spiders of snakes- as they could pose a threat and be dangerous to ones well-being.


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I also have a friend with a fear of clowns. The topic of phobias is so interesting, as they vary so greatly. It amuses me that some people can be deathly afraid of things a large majority of society looks to as resembling happiness and fun. People have phobias of EVERYTHING. I have definitely heard some crazy ones and experienced them first-hand through friends or family. It is sometimes hard to understand how someone could be so afraid of something I see absolutely no fear in. I am just happy and feel lucky that I do not have any serious phobias.

I feel like a lot of people's phobias they have later in life stemmed from something that happened to them when they were younger. People are afraid of spiders and snakes because we are ocnditioned to stay away from them because they are potentially harmful. But things such as clowns I think happen to us when were younger. You might not even remember and it could be subconscious but I think that is a more logical explanation.

For a long time when I was little I was very scared of clowns. It was because when I was 5 my older brother had me watch the movie IT with him. After that clowns freaked me out. I'm not scared of them anymore but they are creepy. I also think this topic is very interesting. Learning about all of the different types is fascinating stuff

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