From Psych to Dating

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One concept that I will remember from PSYCH 1001 in five years will be the social influences on interpersonal attraction from chapter 11. This includes the psychologically-tested characteristics and factors that can determine who we are most likely attracted too. I figured that I will remember these concepts in the future because I will most likely be on the dating scene looking for a potential wife after college. Remembering the influences on attraction could help ease the process of finding a mate.

Blog 4.pngIf you do not recall, studies have shown that most relationships develop out of proximity - how often you interact and are around someone on a daily basis. From this idea of proximity, it would seem that I am more likely to date a fellow student in my major or even a coworker. Also, similarity between both partners has been found to be prevalent in most relationships. I will always remember from this class that opposites actually do not attract. Once one is in a relationship, reciprocity, or the rule of give and take, can help move things to a deeper level.

It will be interesting to see how many of the psychology concepts from this semester I will find myself recalling or identifying in my future.


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I agree, this is an important concept. This will help in every future relationship. It will also make me think why I like the people I like. I never thought that reciprocity was a reason I would like someone. After given reasons it does make sense however.

This is definitely a important concept. It will help me understand and appreciate who might like or fall for me in future places. It really helps me how to understand how relationships work on a deeper level. All of these reasons really make sense.

I completely agree with you. This is a very important and memorable concept from the course. Although people repeatedly express their ideas of how opposites attract, it's very surprising the amount of similarities that long-term couples possess.

This was definitely one of the things that stood out to me too. Hopefully now people can go into relationships, regardless of what kind, with more knowledge in having a healthy connection. I know for sure that what I took away from that section will stay with me and help me in future relationships.

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